Proud to be an Engineer ?? – May be its high time for a Self Analysis

I am an Engineering (B.Tech) student frown in half way to qualification. I have a doubt, if anyone can answer me, it will be of great help to solve the greatest puzzle in my mind. My doubt is “Why engineering degree ??” – is it for finding something useful for the upcoming engineering career or with an intention that only very few should achieve this degree ?? You may sometimes say ‘BOTH’, but I’ll stand for the later argument only. Because very few of what is taught in Engineering is needed for the future – an information obtained from some pass-outs. Industries spend millions of money each year training the Engineers, a fed up small scale entrepreneur once told me “How would you expect us to feed these rascals, why do they go for engineering ? To play ??”. Then I assumed it as a mistake of the referred engineers. But now I reckon that it is not the poor engineers who are responsible, its the society that makes them so. It is not only engineering branch of higher studies that is hence ruined. But having experience in only this field, I am worthy to talk about it only.


I joined engineering with some crazy dreams worth laughing at – to make a mobile phone on myself, to control the nerves of the computers, to build an amazing home full of security, a James Bond style security breach etc.; for which I badly needed deep knowledge in electronics and communication. So I thought of taking it up as a career. Secondly, being told for years, computer engineers work at the cost of their life’s enjoyment, families etc., I was also influenced my many such people echoing the same lines, which included my teachers, parents, acquaintances and many others. I am not blaming them for my misfortune, It is my sole responsibility to take up my fate – as mentioned in the famous Mortal Kombat – “every man is responsible for his own destiny” – it is not others to be blamed for what all non-sense we have committed. Or when you learn to take up the fate as your own responsibility, there starts the real essence of wisdom, which I lack greatly.  Anyhow finally, after taking admission in one of the reputed colleges of Kerala, after 2 years I found myself to be incompatible with the educational system, the syllabus refers to equations but