The Death Rail Platforms – Can we Cure ??

Standing at the railway platforms, many might have experienced the feeling of being dodged down to the rails while the train drifts along. More than illusions, this actually happens frequently. Almost every Indian probably know the death rates at the platforms of Indian Railway Stations. This can happen to anyone at anytime often during boarding and unboarding on the train. I personally have encountered many incidents in which people or their belongings get drawn down into the rails while they are trying to board on a moving train. The government can escape from the blames with a justification that it has been advised many times not to risk with the moving trains. Very true in fact !! But sometimes even the person who had issued such a direction would dare to approach a moving train, if he would lose a train for minutes or even seconds. The busy life offered by today’s lifestyle demands such a hurry. So why cant someone find an idea to avoid this innocent deaths rather than issuing directions ?

May be the future trains of Indian can be made “Metro Style”, can’t it be ? These Metros are really close to the platforms without leaving a way for something to get through. I know its not a an easy or feasible task to replace all the existing trains worth millions or billions by this idea. But some relatively cheap arrangement can be made for the existing ones. I don’t know if I am making a valid point, but I have a suggestion. Why cant some sort of a ‘step like platform’ be attached to the sides of the train so that it slides just above the platform (at centimetres’ height) so that it seals the possibility of someone/something being dragged into the rails. I have sketched my illustration for a better understanding.


I am talking about the red coloured thing at both the sides in the illustration. Well, let me explain my idea – these can be low cost aluminium or some other kind of ‘a bit strong’ materials (while referring these platform materials I have in my mind an image of the bus’s footrests) less than half a meter  in width and just one or another half centimetres in thickness that runs throughout the length of the train –ofcourse discontinuing for 10-15 centimetres between each coach. They stay just about the platform, just centimetres high so that it do not create unwanted friction, but without compromising the purpose for which they are attached – to prevent something/someone being dragged into the rails. Thus, these platforms serve a dual purpose – to safeguard the passengers’ life and help the people who can’t climb all the way up from the platforms to the high coaches. I won’t claim that this would eradicate the death rates, but surely somebody can be saved at least. If there are some experts around, please consider my idea and comment your suggestions. If found good and feasible, we can forward this prototype to the officials. If you find this idea good, please share this via your social networking sites or put in your suggestions, we may sometimes be able to save many precious lives.

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