Jack of all Trades, Master of None !!

Positive or negative, still I don't know, but this is the best and shortest line which describes me. Worried?? - yeah, a bit; Proud??-for this again I have to say Yes. I used to believe in a quote -don't know the person who actually said this, but I believe its something that makes my life worth-when we live, however short it may be, live as a legend !! Some or the other way I've been trying in all occasions I can, to stick to this, and in most cases, I succeed. But at some point of time when I look back, I see myself engaged in most of the aspects I've ever come across, but failed to excel in any of these.


My experiments with life extends all the way through studies, sports, computers, literature, science, psychology, philosophy, ethics, history, national services, music - music !! -that's an area which never have me even a faint hope of success, why success-not even 'manageable'-LOL. But in most other areas, I've had my presence felt. No no I'm not trying to be another Santhosh Pandit, I just had a try all there. I've never ever claimed to have with me the full possession of wisdom. In fact, more than lack of wisdom its my easily getting bored character which pull me down always-I know that and several times, like any typical teenager, have thought of becoming perfect from 'tomorrow onwards', but what happens is only waiting for another good opportunity to take the decision again. Whenever I go after something, there will be one or another thing that make me walk away from it. A disease??-I doubt and if anyone wants to help me sort it out, comment it here.


And we are back again into the 'jack and master' thing, I am always like this-go on pondering from subject to subject once started talking-it sometimes help me at stuffs like interviews and sometimes ruin the entire purpose. Anyway, I am not going to do that again, let's now return to the topic. What prompted me into a deep diving into this matter is a recent event - I've had a mobile app idea and when presenting it for a contest and having heard rival ideas,I was pretty much sure of winning a brand new Lumia 800, but I lost !! The the explanation from the judges was that the idea was too big for the juries-"it would take more time to be built". In fact, they were right, though we often hear that 'Rome was not built in a day', modem day 'digital Romes' rise to their heights in a day our even less. I may get something better next time; as all optimistic losers say, but the disappointment it had created in me, though for a few hours, was really bad. This was perhaps the first time I failed to figure out my failure in advance-I had a strong feeling of being victorious even just before the result was spilt out. Anyhow now I am on the track again and keep pulling my nerves out for another earth quaking idea.


And now it brings me great pleasure- even if no one reads all this which I've written over here, I still have the satisfaction of vomiting out all these wacky things in my mind in front of great mass in the cyberspace, whether they read this or not if their business, do gods always take notice of all the millions of prayers that come in a fragment of a second?? I'm now really happy that at least I can write away things in my mind and win at least the time of the people who read this. But again I am a jack only, because there are thousands of master bloggers roaming…

Corruption is in India's Blood !!

When in my primary schools when I learnt about corruption and it being described as a cancer, when I saw films of corrupt bastards, I believed that there are certain people of evil character who try to deprive our country of all values it have. But as I grow, i started to reckon that this evil does not converge to certain villain roles in films, neither to certain accused politicians - it is all along us - in the blood of almost every Indian.

Corruption does not start at any mature age, it is being fed into Indian children along with the milk. They are taught, in many homes, to evade tickets in the bus by claiming they are under age, to hand bribes to the telephone operator on repairing a dead connection, to the medical practitioner for medical certificates, to the police officer on police verifications, to the politicians for transfers and so on. These actions create an illusion in the generations that corruption is a glorified norm which every Indian must abide. Thus through the ages, it goes right into their blood. Now corruption is far more than a cancer, it is something that has gone into the depths of inevitability - it is indeed in the bloods !!!
The immediate provocation for this article being written was a realistic video on Indian corruption, published in a website http://www.truthaboutindiacorruption.org. This I believe is a must-watch video for every Indian, made not just bluffing, but crucial with lots of valued data, quotes and comments. I was myself shocked to see when it substantiated the corruption index 3.3 along with supporting facts and counts.

Even while praising the contents of video, I strongly disagree to the agreement of the video with many celebrity leaders who claim to fight against corruption.  Nowadays pretty much corruption is happening in the shadows of anti-corruption. This is a frank disagreement on my part to may-be a majorities opinion. It is not in supporting any leaders to campaign, a protest against corruption - if we are really against corruption, and if we dare, stop being corrupt and stop corrupting others !! If this slogan reaches the hearts and thus into the bloods of common Indian, - particularly we the youth - the days of corruption would soon get being counted..!!