Say ‘No’ to Crackers, At least for Your Next Festival

All I can hear now is deafening noise of crackers all around. And being a person with high ear sensitivity, perhaps, this is affecting me a lot.

But it just occurred to me, that if I am having so much trouble bearing this, how would much sensitive animals like dogs cope with this. This idea brought in a handful of other concerns to my mind regarding use of crackers.

1. More than $0.8 Billion (Rs. 48,98,00,00,000.00) – is it a small amount ?

The total fireworks industry in India is more than $0.8 billion, i.e. around 4898 crore Indian Rupees. You may need to consider the fact that the prestigious  Mangyalaan project of India is only 450 crore Indian Rupees. So just think, how much we can save. Or in other words, how much we are blasting away.

[Source: since $120 billion doesn’t seem logical;]

2. HUGE Air Pollution – it’s enough to make your child asthmatic

During festival seasons in India, huge amount of suspended particles are introduced into the atmosphere. Not to mention about the high amounts of Magnesium, Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrocarbons and Carbon Monoxide. These causes respiratory diseases. inhalation of magnesium causes metal fume fever while copper compounds cause irritation in the respiratory tract of our body. And the gases take much time to get cleared. This is more than enough to make a person asthmatic. You also contribute a significant share to Global Warming.



3. Noise Pollution – want be deaf before getting old ?

Crackers create high decibel sound and most people feel numbness in the ears after bursting crackers. Prolonged exposure or regularly experiencing such deafening sounds can render a person deaf even before the onset of getting old. Also exposure to sounds above certain limits (85 decibels) can damage the ears of Infants. Though, there is a court order in India to ban crackers above 125 decibels, this is a marking in air for Indian cracker dealers. Such loud noises directly affects not only babies, but also old people, pets and other animals as well.

dog scared

[Source:, ]

4. The garbage created by these crackers

The post-festival fireworks garbage includes the remains of the used crackers, match boxes and bottles used to set the crackers and much more. And most of these remains are poisonous as well.


5. Accidents caused – still haven’t learnt a lesson

Every year crackers take its toll, in many parts of the country. Even the Sivakasi fireworks factory accident in 2012 is barely forgotten.


In spite of all these ‘to be learnt lessons’, is still we are resorting to crackers for each and every ‘big things’, how can we argue when westerners say India is a land of ridiculous traditions ? A small forfeit of ‘entertainment’ might be a huge thing for our nation and the whole world as well.

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