India’s Invincible Super-weapon :: What KALI Really Is

India possessing the deadliest of all weapons is a hot topic across social medias, defence lovers and patriots. India possessing a supreme invincible laser “gun” capable of turning any incoming missile into a handful of ash has put a lot on their toes. As a defence enthusiast, I have got numerous queries on how BIG a deal it really is, some shaken, some confused. Well, KALI is indeed a technological marvel from India, but it is NOT (at least not yet) as supreme as it is really said to be.

KALI, Kilo Ampere Linear Injector, is first of all NOT A LASER weapon, rather it is a microwave (tuneable) device capable of emitting high energy electromagnetic beams. And contrary to common belief, it will not ‘destroy’ any missile like an Archimedes mirror, rather damages the on-board electronic system, which obviously will render the incoming missile inoperative. However, it doesn’t mean that KALI is just a hype. A laser weapon would have to wait till it could bore a hole in the target, before annihilating it, whereas KALI would render the threat futile in no time by immediately damaging the on-board circuitry.

Representational image (Source: Bing Images)

The conceptual KALI defence system would, if an incoming enemy missile (or an aircraft) is detected, immediately emit a powerful microwave beam packed with Giga watts of energy which would cripple the entire electronic systems and computer chips of the target in no time.  While similar projects of other countries have presumably reached nowhere, India is believed to have already conducted a successful test. There had been unconfirmed reports blaming India for the Siachen glacier avalanche in 2012 which has caused the death of around 135 Pakistani soldiers which the sources claim as a result of KALI’s successful test melting the hard ice sheets.