Create unique and secure passwords with this simple technique

Passwords are usually trouble-makers. People really get frustrated over keeping multiple passwords for multiple accounts, changing them regularly, all these while still maintaining the complexity of the passwords to be “strong” ones.

There are pretty long known recommendations for passwords, a few I shall explain first as a part of the problem.

  1. Passwords should be STRONG - create a password that is “impossible” to guess.
  2. Use alphabets (lower and upper cases), numbers and even special characters. Most of the standard websites mandate this PATTERN.
  3. Do not use a SINGLE password in all applications/websites. You don’t know which one of those is vulnerable, eventually leading to get all your accounts compromised.
  4. CHANGE passwords regularly, at least for the accounts with financial capabilities
Yeah, better said than done. Because an average person uses around 20-25 accounts on the internet alone, let alone the device passwords, ATM pins etc. So that would require a person to have at least around 100 (25 x 4) different STRONG passwords in his custody since most of the websites do not allow re-use of the last three passwords, some even more. Bit of impractical, huh?