Uri: The what and how’s of the Indian Army surgical strike against Pakistan

Today (29 September 2018), is second anniversary of India’s much acclaimed surgical strike against militants in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). There are many controversies doing rounds in the internet and social circles on the strike India carried out outside the its territories. However, a majority of the public remain unaware of what a surgical strike was, and how a multitude of events led to the strikes.

The Uri movie official poster from IMDb.


Ever since the NDA government came to power in 2014, India has maintained a very tough posture towards external and internal threats, whether it be against cross border firing from Pakistan or against the various terrorist organisations targeting civilians or armed forces of the country.

MacOS Mojave - Apple would need to improve on the dark mode and overall design consistency

Apple is well known for its attitude of having things the "way it should be" and its design philosophy is appreciated world wide. But the recent software releases appear to suggest that Apple has lost its legacy in the design perfection. Did they fire their chief designer? I don't know.

A much hyped and anticipated feature of the just released MacOS Mojave was the dark mode. Although Apple has experimented with several dark elements in the past - it's the first time they have brought something that would make the overall look and feel truly dark. And because of all the hype and my personal obsession towards the dark, the first thing which I did after upgrading to MacOS Mojave was to turn on the dark mode. However, the first impression was not as welcoming as I expected.

The appearance mode under the System Preferences --> General category

Dark Theme

Embossed Window Edges

The first impression which I had was that the dark mode looked a little like a few years ago. The embossed edges of the dark mode windows stands out unlike their light counter parts. While the light themed windows use a smooth border and shadow, when the dark theme is enabled, the border is solid and dark.