Why I use a MacBook

Many of the Apple users, particularly in India, face this question- Why use an Apple device when it is so expensive compared to other options available in market. Here I intend to discuss in particular on why I use a MacBook, instead of a Windows PC.

In fact, I purchased a MacBook more due to my feeling that there is no other reliable system available in the market which suited my requirements, ever since my old Sony VAIO became obsolete in terms of performance. I would try to evaluate the experience I had with my MacBook Pro, my first of an Apple product.

Image Courtesy: https://www.maxpixel.net/Laptop-Mockup-Office-Macbook-Pro-Iphone-Business-1035345

Build quality

One of the best qualities when it comes to the Mac computers is the build quality. While most of the computers are built with easily damagable plastic, Mac computers are built with durable aluminium. In fact, during the very first week after buying my mac, a MacBook Pro 13” device, it slipped out of my hand and had a 3 feet fall. Much to my surprise, there was not even a mark left by the fall.