Why I use a MacBook

Many of the Apple users, particularly in India, face this question- Why use an Apple device when it is so expensive compared to other options available in market. Here I intend to discuss in particular on why I use a MacBook, instead of a Windows PC.

In fact, I purchased a MacBook more due to my feeling that there is no other reliable system available in the market which suited my requirements, ever since my old Sony VAIO became obsolete in terms of performance. I would try to evaluate the experience I had with my MacBook Pro, my first of an Apple product.

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Build quality

One of the best qualities when it comes to the Mac computers is the build quality. While most of the computers are built with easily damagable plastic, Mac computers are built with durable aluminium. In fact, during the very first week after buying my mac, a MacBook Pro 13” device, it slipped out of my hand and had a 3 feet fall. Much to my surprise, there was not even a mark left by the fall.

Operating system

The operating system for the Apple desktop devices- Machintosh, or what is popularly known as OSX or MacOS- is mostly the prime reason why people choose Mac. The operating system is optimized for the machines, and Apple has a definite advantage of the hardware and the software made by the same company. The operating system also brings in most of the latest technology, much ahead of others.

Another thing worth a mention is Apple’s near perfect design philosophy. Apple’s devices are famous for their user experience, especially the design philosophy.

Native applications

Prepare to be surprised if you are not much familiar with Macs. There is a popular belief that Mac is expensive and further usage would require even greater expenses, for purchasing the all the necessary applications. However, this is in fact absolutely to the contrary.

A Macbook comes with a wide variety of software in built. And there is an even wider range of application available for free in the App Store. This includes the office suite, which includes Pages (similar to MS Word), KeyNote (similar to MS Powerpoint) and Sheets (similar to MS Excel), Photos (a photo manager), Contact, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Mail, Maps etc. Also, the latest OS, MacOS Mojave, also comes with and in-built screen capture utility, much better than most of the commercial ones available.

The MacBook pro series would even have iMovies (a video maker application), Garageband (for music creators) and a set of productivity applications pre-installed. One of my personal favourites is the Preview app, particularly its support to merge PDF documents by simply drag-and-drop of other PDF pages.

Quality App Store applications

Apart from the Apple-made applications which comes pre-installed, most of the applications available for download in the App Store are good in terms of quality. Apple has strict review policies, which enables only good quality apps to make it to the store.

Seamless integration with other Apple devices

It is true that once one starts using an Apple device, the person is gradually lured into buying other Apple devices as well. Something worth a mention is the hand-off feature, which allows a Mac + iPhone user to receive and initiate iMessages, and calls directly from within the Mac, even when the iPhone is lying somewhere else in the house, connected to the same WiFi network.

Absolute respect to privacy

What ultimately makes an Apple device distinctive is its absolute commitment to privacy. Apple refrain from taking any of the personal data to their servers, whenever possibe. Let it be the biometric data, or other personal data.

Initially, I was afraid of using any pirated applications on the MacBook, as I feared Apple would be spying for any counterfeit software, as was told to me by some of my “expert” friends. However, soon I realised that neither does Apple spy on its users, nor impose on using any specific class of software.

In a nutshell, when you buy a MacBook, what you would really get is not just a world class laptop, rather one of the most awesome user experience available on the planet.