Why is the Citizenship Amendment Bill bad for an inclusive India?

Let me set the premise for any discussions on this post. I am not a legal expert, not even a novice for that matter. So the views expressed here does not include the technicalities of the legal aspects of the issue. The post is from the point of view of an ordinary citizen of India, who believes in the ethos and legacy the idea of India has embedded on us. Also, the fact stated in this post are to the best of my understanding, and anything wrongly put shall be corrected if I am notified of it.

Representational image. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (https://images.app.goo.gl/dRqWpiHqgnYttAcZ8).

What is Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB)??

CAB, as I understand, is a provision through which certain peoples could be granted Indian citizenship. The criteria for these certain peoples are, they must be living in India at least since December 2014, they must have come from either Pakistan or Bangladesh or Afghanistan, and their religious identity must be either of a Hindu, a Jain, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Parsi etc1.

What are the inspirations for CAB?

The issue of immigrants has been a decade long issue in many parts of the country, particularly the north east India. In many states including Assam, BJP election manifesto promised an exercise named NRC (National Registry of Citizens)3, through which the immigrants would be identified and "thrown out". When finally NRC was carried out, a whooping 19 lakh people were excluded from the list, and incidentally a significant population was from the Hindu community2.

I believe, that this situation put BJP is a position of stalemate. If they do not carry out the promise, a re-election to power is impossible. But if they exclude a population with a significant Hindu community in it, it would affect their ties with RSS, the ideological mentor of BJP and would have nation-wide ramifications. This what I think has inspired the CAB which would allow BJP to "execute their promise" without affecting their vote banks.

I tend to dismiss the other stated motivations for CAB, like persecution of minorities in the respective countries. If religious persecution was the ground, the Shias, Sufis and Ahmadis of Pakistan could have been included, or at least the rohingyas of Myanmar should have been included.