Foods to try in Goa - Delicacies of a lifetime

Our trip to Goa was an unexpected one. Not very well planned, needless to say we did not plan on the places to visit, places to dine etc. But the trip was a fabulous one, more for the food we got to try in Goa.

When I came back and discussed with my friends who were regulars in Goa, it was a surprise that most of them were neither aware of the food, nor the places where we had those. This prompted me to put up a blog on this - the unspoken part of a Goan trip - the delicacies one would find in Goa.

Continental breakfast at Caravela Cafe And Bistro, Panjim

The first thing I looked for once I reached Goa (Panjim) was a place to eat. I was not interested in the regular much used-to breakfast items, so started searching for something unique. It was more of a coincidence that I found this wonderful small bistro just near the place where I alighted.

Caravela Cafe and Bistro is a modest bistro in the streets of Panjim, not very far from the Panjim market. It was run by a sweet lady who made us feel that we are somewhere outside India. Even more was the effect of the food, it was just delicious!! Better than any continental food that I have had in India.

We ordered a chicken club sandwitch and a plate of toast and scrambled eggs.

Chicken club sandwitch

My first impression on getting the sandwitch served was if we would be able to finish it by ourselves. There were four sets of multi-layered thick sandwitch slices that were served. Each parts had three slices of bread and sandwitched between them, a chicken steak, lettuce, cheese and veggies.

Also, it was served with a good number of french fried potato sticks and a few sauces for sides. The worries of not being able to finish eased with time, as both of us found the taste hard to resist, even at the cost of a little heavy feeling.