How Kerala fights COVID-19 through efficient governance

Kerala was the first state in India to have reported a COVID-19 case, but has contained the epidemic exemplarily well in its first wave. Although the current number of cases as a result of the second wave stands at one of the largest in the country, the Kerala model of battling COVID-19 has been praised by many international organisations.

[Image: The number of cases in Kerala remained low for a long time before the surge. Source: The Hindu (]

This post is on how Kerala combats a global pandemic and how a very efficient governance system is at the heart of the battle.

Why is the large number of infections?

So let's start with the most obvious question - why is Kerala having a very high incidence rate relative to other states? Is it because of the curse of God on Kerala as claimed by various hate mongers on social media? I'll try to answer this through certain established facts.