A life through computers- memories of how I became a computer engineer

The first turning point in my life was somewhere in 2001, when my father all of a sudden bought a computer. I have being trying hard to convince him to get one for over a year with various arguments, even to the extend of a claim that all but me in my class had one at their home - I just cleared my 4th standard from a public school. But he fell for it once he was attending some official meeting where they presented some content in powerpoint and it gave him an impression that computers would aid in learning better. And that very same day, he came home with a brand new desktop - a Compaq Presario Desktop, with 64 MB RAM and 32 GB hard disk - it was a big deal at that time.

[ Image (left to right): Our old Compaq Presario desktop monitor; A quote that I found interesting during Microsoft App Fest 2012 ]

As with any kids of that age, me and my brother mostly kept fighting for our slot for gaming, but apart from that I was also deeply intrigued by the working of computer. We had an on-site free repair warranty for a year with that computer, and I should say that none would have used something like that better than me. In that one year, the technician at the store became one like a family member. He had come home several times to fix some mess that I made experimenting with the MS-DOS commands that I learnt when I paid visits to my mothers school. My mother’s school had a mammoth computer with gigantic floppy disks to boot the MS DOS operating system, with which part-time instructors taught basic DOS commands.