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Hi, I am Aswin Rajeev. Thank you for visiting my blog. 

By profession, I am a researcher at one of India's premier institutes of technological research, where facing challenges and overcoming those is a daily routine. I am fortunate enough to have been working with many brilliant minds in the field of computer science and other related sciences.

Outside my work life, I am passionate about education, philosophy, science and technology. I enjoy collaborating and sharing my thoughts and knowledge with people and attempting to solve problems we face as a community. 

I always wanted to be a teacher and I love explaining difficult concepts in a simple manner. Through this blog, I try to share my experiences and knowledge for the betterment of the society, and try my best to make it consumable even to those without any prior background in the respective topics.

All feedbacks are welcome, particularly the critical ones and please feel free to post your opinions and questions as tweets to @aswinrajeev. I am also available to collaborate on engineering projects that would in any way benefit the community.

If you like a post you read, please do share the posts and support me reach a larger audience. Also, if you have got any feedback on a particular post, please do let me me know as comments on the respective posts. I do go through each of the comments and reply wherever I can.

Once again thanks for visiting, have a good day.